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error -309 smBLFieldBad: ByteLanes field was bad. If you select the checkbox entitled perform extended testing, then you'll invoke a much lengthier assessment that meticulously examines each sector of RAM. Run the test again in range of a Wi-Fi network. A secondary drive failure the HD would only fail to show up on the desktop. http://offsethq.com/error-code/imac-os-error-codes.html

While having an authorized professional inform you of the particular issue(s) affecting your Mac computer and providing solutions to correct them are not a bad thing at all, depending on your error -400 gcrOnMFMErr: gcr format on high density media error error -360 slotNumErr: invalid slot # error error -351 smRecNotFnd: Record not found in the SRT. This message is the impressive-sounding Kernel Panic. error -3155 kOTOutStateErr: The function was issued in the wrong sequence. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203747

Apple Error Codes List

PPT002 PPT003 The battery will need to be replaced soon.It is functioning normally, but holds less charge than it did when it was new. Step 2. Both tools accomplish the same tasks, so I want to show you how they both work. Your Mac freezes; the screen turns grey and displays a large power on/off symbol, and it says in several languages “You need to restart your computer”.

If it is then your HD couldn't be the problem as the OS on the SSD would be in control here. Using Apple Hardware Test Since it came first and is installed on a wider range of computers, the first incarnation of the hardware diagnostics tool that I'll examine with you is As OS X become more self-sufficient, the AHT became part of the operating system itself. Apple Hardware Test Error Code 4hdd/11/ This error is returned when a function call is made while an endpoint is in the process of changing states.

Since technical support is about being thorough, you'll want to rule out more probable scenarios before resorting to hardware diagnostics. Apple Hardware Test Codes Want to get it back to Forum I get this error code 0xc000014 Forum SolvedNvidia 745M error code 43 shows up after update. Step 4. http://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-decipher-error-codes-in-apple-hardware-test-or-apple-diagnostics/ error -20002 invalidIndexErr: The recordIndex parameter is not valid.

Yes No Voted Undo Score 2 Cancel Comments: Well more bad news, when I got home today I turned it on and it only makes it to the apple logo and Apple Error Code 36 Disconnect all external devices except keyboard, mouse, and Ethernet adapter. PFM001 PFM002 PFM003 PFM004 PFM005 PFM006 PFM007 There may be an issue with the System Management Controller (SMC). error -3150 kOTBadAddressErr: The specified protocol address was in an incorrect format or contained illegal information.

  1. Delete the preferences.
  2. Here is how to run it and interpret some of the error codes it may generate.
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  4. To run the tests, select the "Hardware Tests" section and click the big "Test" button in the box to the right of the window.
  5. I have a widget that shows the fan is working so I don't think it is the fan (able to tell within the few minutes that its running at 1000 rpm
  6. Step 1.
  7. error -23005 connectionClosing: A TCPClose command was already issued so there is no more data to send on this connection.
  8. On newer Macbooks without removable batteries, shut down the computer and plug the power supply in.
  9. Contact Appleor take your computer to anApple Authorized Service ProviderorApple Retail Storeto determine which service and support options are available.
  10. If this error occurs; check sInfo rec for more information.

Apple Hardware Test Codes

Forum Solvedhow can i fix toshiba error code f3-f000-001 Forum Solvedmy laptop's integrated VGA card gives a code 10 error, will not install new controller Forum Solvedyoutube Google Chrome's Error code: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/user/lenzo/html/mac_errors.html These hardware diagnostic tools have evolved over the years, so in this tutorial I will cover the two incarnations that exist: the venerable Apple Hardware Test (AHT), and the newer Apple Apple Error Codes List If there's a hardware fault, in most cases there will be very little that you can do yourself, so simply call Apple Support with the code and follow their advice. Apple Hardware Test Error Codes 4sns NNN001 A serial number was not detected.

error -5042 afpPwdExpiredErr: the password being used is too old: this requires the user to change the password before log-in can continue error -5041 afpPwdTooShortErr: the password being set is too http://offsethq.com/error-code/imac-hardware-test-error-codes.html Release all keys and the power button at the same time, then restart your computer normally. error -23043 noResultProc: No result procedure is passed to the address translation call when the resolver must be used to find the address. or dsBusError: bus error error 2 siInitVBLQsErr: VBLqueues for all slots could not be initialized. Apple Hardware Test Error Codes 4mem

Know your error: Mac displays a folder with question mark This error indicates that Mac OS X can’t find your hard drive. It also may be an issue related to Time Machine, and there is a tech document about it here. Comments? http://offsethq.com/error-code/imac-error-codes-mac.html The error message I think is wrong do to a mis-wire of the sensors when you put the SSD in.

You can continue to use your battery before it’s checked without harming your computer. Apple Error Code 43 DO NOT CONTINUE!!!!*/};/* desktop printing error codes*/enum { kDTPHoldJobErr = -4200, kDTPStopQueueErr = -4201, kDTPTryAgainErr = -4202, kDTPAbortJobErr = 128};/* ColorSync Result codes */enum { /* Profile Access Errors */ cmElementTagNotFound These can be returned by Flippers. */enum { errCoreEndianDataTooShortForFormat = -4940, errCoreEndianDataTooLongForFormat = -4941, errCoreEndianDataDoesNotMatchFormat = -4942};/* ScrapMgr error codes (CarbonLib 1.0 and later)*/enum { internalScrapErr = -4988, duplicateScrapFlavorErr = -4989,

See: How to uninstall a software application from Mac OS X Know your Mac error: Kernel Panic This one is rare, but it’s certainly an attention grabber.

I then upgraded to 10.10 and again no problems and it has been running for two days and its fine. It’s a pain but normally it happens infrequently, so it doesn’t get in the way of things. error -318 smNoJmpTbl: SDM jump table could not be created. How To Fix Error Code -51 Mac or dsMiscErr: miscellaneous hardware exception error error 12 sdmSRTInitErr: Slot Resource Table could not be initialized.

I formatted the hard drive and was going to put back on the original software, 10.6.8. Contact Appleor take your computer to anApple Authorized Service ProviderorApple Retail Storeto determine which service and support options are available. Once the test has finished, you'll be presented with the results at the bottom right of your screen under Test Results. this contact form Disconnect the MagSafe power adapter from the computer and the power outlet, then reconnect.

GET REMINDEDDismissFree 10-Day TrialSign InHow-To TutorialsDesign & IllustrationCodeWeb DesignPhoto & VideoBusinessMusic & Audio3D & Motion GraphicsGame DevelopmentComputer SkillsCoursesDesign & IllustrationCodeWeb DesignPhoto & VideoBusinessMusic & Audio3D & Motion GraphicsBundleseBooksDesign & IllustrationCodeWeb DesignPhoto I know you need a special HD for the heat sensor, but I was thinking since the SSD doesn't get very hot, maybe either unplugging the HD fan or using an NDT001 NDT002 NDT003 NDT004 NDT005 NDT006 There may be an issue with the Thunderbolt hardware. If running Apple Diagnostics over the Internet confirms the issue,contact Appleor take your computer to anApple Authorized Service ProviderorApple Retail Store.

error -330 smBadRefId: Reference Id not found in List error -320 smBusErrTO: BusError time out. error -6229 kDMDisplayNotFoundErr: Could not find item (will someday remove). Each problem is described in simple terms like There may be an issue with the onboard memory, and alongside the message you'll see a code that you can give to Apple Answer this question I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers Is this a good question?

error -23012 connectionTerminated: The TCP connection was broken; the reason will be given a terminate ASR. Contact Appleor take your computer to anApple Authorized Service ProviderorApple Retail Storeto determine which service and support options are available. error -23009 insufficientResources: 64 TCP or UDP streams are already open. Conclusion Performing diagnostics on your Mac is a great way to better understand how it works, and while you don't need to include these tools in your normal maintenance, knowing how

Contact Appleor take your computer to anApple Authorized Service ProviderorApple Retail Storeto determine which service and support options are available. Depending on how frequently you do this, the Trash can usually free up a lot of space. Version: CarbonCore-859.2~1 Copyright: © 1985-2008 by Apple Computer, Inc., all rights reserved Bugs?: For bug reports, consult the following page on the World Wide Web: http://developer.apple.com/bugreporter/*/#ifndef __MACERRORS__#define __MACERRORS__#ifndef __CONDITIONALMACROS__#include #endif#include #if No, seriously.

In these situations you will need an active Internet connection to run the tests, but in some instances, router security routines may prevent a Wi-Fi connection from working when the system You can continue to use the battery until you replace it, without harming your computer. Reset SMC On Macbooks with removable batteries, disconnect the power supply, remove the battery, then press and hold the power button for five seconds. Apple Footer  Apple Support Apple Diagnostics: Reference codes More ways to shop: Visit an Apple Store, call 1-800-MY-APPLE, or find a reseller.

Doing this will have the system meticulously test each section of RAM, but in doing so will increase the testing time from about 5 to 10 minutes to 30 to 60 Post a screenshot and if you do get a log file lets get it as well. Powered by Livefyre Add your Comment Editor's Picks IBM Watson: The inside story Rise of the million-dollar smartphone The world's smartest cities The undercover war on your internet secrets Free Newsletters, Subscribe Also see Learn to troubleshoot power supply problems (TechRepublic)Fix the four biggest problems with VPN connections (TechRepublic)NetSpot packs multiple wireless troubleshooting tools in one app (TechRepublic) Comments Facebook Linkedin Twitter