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For example, on my system the source for the currently-running kernel is in $HOME/kernel/linux-$(uname-r) and it should be possible to use that as a value for KDIR instead of /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build. The upgrade to kernel 3.12.19+ did nothing for me, it's still hanging. Updated kernel, but still running Wheezy and BOINC 7.0.27 at the moment. I had to power cycle it to get it going again. http://offsethq.com/internal-error/internal-error-oops-5-1-preempt-smp.html

Wind mills in empty fields. In this case I knew that it is somewhere in drivers/clk/zynq/ since I'm very familiar with those pieces, if you aren't, git grep '' usually helps. Its on 47% after 96 hours, so it looks like it will be another 100 or so hours to completion. commit d4a960696704ba678d09b9c5a96965ee42e7c6d4 Author: dorimanx Date: Sat Apr 26 14:35:51 2014 +0300 Add compatability for LG and HTC ROM vold mounting + utf8 hack.

Linux Kernel Oops Arm

Signed-off-by: Tom Li commit f02406cb11045baff597f97e1e8283e9d37747b0 Merge: 97229de 4dbbb38 Author: Yuri.Sh Date: Tue Jan 20 08:34:05 2015 +0200 Merge pull request #57 from mzhboy/master fix exfat_super.c commit 4dbbb389711fd966dda7cc8b9a14ac4b76976d6d Author: Earthman When I use the kernel from the 2014.2 release with the rest of my boot files everything works as expected (Systems boots and is usable). b01111 Permission fault, 2nd level.

Below is how your Oops: 17 [#1] PREEMPT SMP arch/arm/kernel/traps.c: #define S_PREEMPT " PREEMPT" ... #define S_SMP " SMP" ... Looks like the one you try to boot this kernel with is missing something. I first noticed it as being unable to connect to the BOINC client remotely and being unable to SSH into the Pi (as I'm running it headless) after the Pi had Internal Error: Oops: 5 [#1] Preempt Arm Problem is, BOINC and/or its projects seem to be causing a kernel error.

See prinout below. Internal Error Oops 5 #1 Preempt Smp Arm Welcome, Guest Login or Register Home Help Search Login Register Olimex Support Forum » OLinuXino Android / Linux boards and System On Modules » A13 » Internal error: Oops: 17 In fact, that is how the binaries from the release archive are created. What did you do regarding the devicetree?

commit d287b1683986bc3e9e443aa39ce16ac2a4e9a8bc Author: Tom Li Date: Fri Jan 23 18:23:14 2015 +0800 exfat_upcase.c: mark uni_upcase table as "const". Oops Tracing The upgrade to kernel 3.12.19+ did nothing for me, it's still hanging. commit 6184a48514e653b5cc66c9bf85b1ab9d77e14200 Author: Clément Guérin Date: Mon Nov 17 16:02:11 2014 +0100 fix compilation for <3.3 kernels commit a862d506bd776c69b85741146e46f420dba78d00 Author: Dorimanx Date: Wed Oct 15 22:47:40 2014 +0300 Add Cyclopentadienyl radical geometry and MO considerations Is it OK to lie to a customer to protect them from themselves?

Internal Error Oops 5 #1 Preempt Smp Arm

Message 2 of 6 (6,361 Views) Reply 0 Kudos machocki Visitor Posts: 3 Registered: ‎09-04-2014 Re: Kernel Panic on SD card boot Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS commit 89d7aab646fd31c6102225f08e39dcbddda5106f Author: Dorimanx Date: Fri Sep 27 22:52:29 2013 +0300 EXFAT bump version to 1.2.6 big update by @benpicco @mdcasey @lqs All changes came from here https://github.com/benpicco/linux_exfat-staging/commits/exfat https://github.com/mdcasey/linux_exfat-staging/commits/mdcasey https://github.com/dorimanx/exfat-nofuse/commit/d20735c6e81d05a8409ebd8326f3bdb3c16ac715 Linux Kernel Oops Arm Clearly the kernel was intended to have proper functioning preemption. Internal Error: Oops: 17 Why does Coop have to sneak out to rejoin Amelia Brand?

dorimanx/exfat-nofuse#46 commit 16cd47177a46be925b8c89112302241f86583e84 Merge: 5b5dcd1 cda06f6 Author: Yuri.Sh Date: Fri Jun 13 15:50:36 2014 +0300 Merge pull request #45 from ava1ar/master Fixed compilation issues for kernel 3.15 commit cda06f6e73005d0a06395fbb1a6ca022fac421ec Author: check my blog b00011 Access flag fault, 1st level. I've been thinking about the patch I submitted and have concluded that it could have been much better. In Linux 3.18, strnicmp was renamed to strncasecmp, and the original function became a wrapper to it. Internal Error: Oops: 17 [#1] Preempt Smp Arm

use "f_path.dentry" instead of "f_dentry". b01100 Synchronous external abort on translation table walk, 1st level. fix win chkdisk. this content b00111 Translation fault, 2nd level.

It's needs the 3.16.y functions defines. Internal Error Oops Preempt Smp Arm firmware). commit 6184a48514e653b5cc66c9bf85b1ab9d77e14200 Author: Clément Guérin Date: Mon Nov 17 16:02:11 2014 +0100 fix compilation for <3.3 kernels commit a862d506bd776c69b85741146e46f420dba78d00 Author: Dorimanx Date: Wed Oct 15 22:47:40 2014 +0300 Add

commit 0c3b682d57d2500c2a79a649f34bdbd2f2d47b11 Merge: a858df5 d2faf32 Author: Yuri.Sh Date: Sat Jun 20 15:08:13 2015 +0300 Merge pull request #68 from Civil/fix_building_4.1 Fix building with kernel 4.1 commit d2faf3226283c48a14d0c91bed108d685e473fb7 Author: Vladimir Smirnov

If I set iocharset = iso8559-1 which vfat used, and casesensitive = 1, no NULL pointer error, but some other problem appear, such as cannot creat file... remove unused variable 3. To test those files work, I have interchanged the uImage (I compiled) which does not boot with the one from the "2014.2-release.tar.xz". Internal Error Oops 17 #2 But I still want use casesensitive=0.

How to get last part of http link in Bash? Connecting a monitor shows this issue: BUG: unsupported FP instruction in kernel mode internal error: Oops - undefined instruction: 0 [#1] PREEMPT ARM which then appears to send the kernel into Could this be at all related to the Explorer crashes I've noticed on my Win7 BOINC box (see recent thread)? have a peek at these guys commit 7e9b2e9523ab39db05220a5de4e039c248212a56 Author: Torstein Husebø Date: Tue Apr 22 14:05:08 2014 +0200 Remove useless end comment.

Bug25122 - Kernel hangs: Internal error: Oops: 17 [#1] PREEMPT Summary: Kernel hangs: Internal error: Oops: 17 [#1] PREEMPT Status: CLOSED PATCH_ALREADY_AVAILABLE Product: Other Classification: Unclassified Component: Modules Hardware: All Linux b01110 Synchronous external abort on translation table walk, 2nd level. Could there ever be a fully solar powered airliner capable of transatlantic flights? Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 82 Star 449 Fork 239 dorimanx/exfat-nofuse Code Issues 4 Pull requests 0 Projects

Showing results for  Search instead for  Do you mean  Register · Sign In · Help Community Forums : Xilinx Products : Embedded Systems : Embedded Linux : Kernel Panic on SD Is there an optional or house rule for effectiveness of specific weapons versus specific armor types? commit 97229def068951b371352ba1b152044082174544 Merge: c303118 56cdb34 Author: Yuri.Sh Date: Mon Dec 8 16:38:40 2014 +0200 Merge pull request #54 from grvrulz/patch-1 Create LICENSE commit c3031187cfc57316d8664a084e25676b81858df0 Merge: a862d50 6184a48 Author: Yuri.Sh That sounds strange, if you compile the DT the way you described (or simply run 'make dtbs') from the same commit you compiled your kernel from things should work.

for me with 3.4.93 kernel there is no problem to use casesensitive = 0 so it's also depend on patches to FS that you have from other branches above 3.4.y jaffking Total pages: 260624Kernel command line: console=ttyPS0,115200 root=/dev/ram rw earlyprintkPID hash table entries: 4096 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)Dentry cache hash table entries: 131072 (order: 7, 524288 bytes)Inode-cache hash table entries: 65536 (order: The other ones that I have updated also claim to be running a 3.10.25+ PREEMPT kernel so it might be pointless in doing this test. Why is pattern "command || true" useful?

So that was another really helpful bit of information. not having a ras... uni_upcase is an array, which contains the upper case table of exfat. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade sudo rpi-update maybe the last one should be sudo apt-get rpi-updateID: 54093 · ClaggyHelp desk expertSendmessage Joined: 23 Apr 07Posts: 1101 Message 54094 - Posted:

I made an embarrassing mistake, after taking a look at the git status, I noticed there was a file with local modifications and the file was, zynq-zc702.dts. I've no idea where to even start tracking down the cause of this, can you help? 1st Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 0000013c pgd = c0004000 This is because KDIR refers to the module's source directory, not the directory in which the kernel and its modules are installed. What makes a language "optimized" for a specific task?

Browse other questions tagged embedded-linux or ask your own question. mods thanks to @faux123 :) commit 222e556cf2b0ea985ac76c055527f39b4af8da73 Merge: 19e92e7 0359e18 Author: Yuri.Sh Date: Sun Apr 13 10:22:34 2014 +0300 Merge pull request #40 from faux123/master exfat_super.c: fix misplaced #ifdef CONFIG_EXFAT_KERNEL_DEBUG Keen to see how your upgrade affects things!